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Bar Games 

Some games to play here, or at home!  Have fun!

You play with a die. The person throws the die, if s/he gets a 1 they take a drink of beer. If they get a 2 or 5, they pass the die to the next player. If they get a 6, they invite any other person to drink. If they get a 3, the person on the right takes a drink. If they roll a 4, the person on the left drinks.


Beer Game: 6 Cups
To start out you need: at least four players, a die, six cups, mugs, glasses, etc., and lots of beer. The first person rolls the die and has to fill the corresponding cup. For example, player1 rolls a 5, and has to fill cup 5 with beer. Then player2 gets to roll. If he/she rolls a 5, they have to drink cup 5. Otherwise they must fill another cup for whatever they roll on the die. It is now player 3's turn. The game is real simple to learn, if you roll a die and the corresponding cup is empty, then you fill it. If it is full then you drink it. The player must keep rolling until they fill up a cup. For example, cups 2-5 are all full. Player three rolls a 2. Player 3 drinks cup 2. It is still player 3's turn until he rolls a now 1, 2 or 6. This game gets tough on the belly if you are drinking anything but light beer. But it is a blast. HAVE FUN!


Beer Game: 7,11, or doubles
Here is a game. It's called 7,11, or doubles. Need a glass, two dice, people and beer. One person fills glass to taste. Once the person touches the glass the other starts rolling until a 7, 11 or doubles are rolled. If they are rolled, the process repeats. Some notes: If the dice are touched first, the roller must drink the glass. Buzz factor of 10. If more than 2 people are playing, just go around the circle, or devise your own pattern.


Beer Game: Boxing
Required: one set of dice, four or five people, a stopwatch or regular watch, two shot glasses, as much beer as possible. How to play: there are only two players, but each player has a trainer (that's where two others come in); a referee, if needed a shot glass; and one die. Each player must start with the same amount of beer (preferably a new, full one). The trainers are in charge of it. They will fill their respective "fighters" shot glass with beer. The referee, if you choose to use one, will start the "fight". The object is for each fighter to roll the highest number possible with their one die. The one with the lower number will have to "shoot" the beer that their trainer poured for them. The trainer then fills it right back up. The whole time, the designated referee will be keeping time on the watch. Each round is 3 minutes long, and the number of rounds varies on the "fighters" choice. The winner is chosen by how many drinks they took. The "fighter" with the lesser number of drinks wins and each "fighter's" trainer will keep track of their drinks.


Beer Game: Dice
Quite similar to, but not as involved as Three Man. Still, a high buzz factor. Standard supplies: beer, people, liquor, dice. 

Roll two dice. Anything that adds up to six (i.e., 2-4, 5-1) or has a six in it (i.e., 6-1, 6-2, 6-2, 6-3, 6-4, 6-5), you drink a "good" gulp of beer. Any time you roll double 2's, 4's, or 5's you drink that many (2, 4, or 5) "good" gulps of beer (you can modify this to just one "gulp" on doubles). If you roll double 3's you are penalized twice, for getting doubles and adding up to six. Thus four "good" gulps (or 2 if you play the modified rules). The killer is double 1's or double 6's. For this you do a SHOT of your favorite poison (i.e. JD, Southern Comfort, tequila, etc). Lastly, you continue rolling until you get something that you don't drink on (i.e., 1-2, 1-3, 1-4, 1-5, 2-3, 2-5, 3-4, 3-5, 4-5). If you roll the dice off the table, you are also rewarded with a gulp of beer. 


Beer Game: Chase the Ace
All you need is at least four people (the more the better), two cups, dice, and of course, beer.

Sit in a circle and give two people, who are opposite each other, a cup each with a die in it. On the count of three start rolling the dice out of the cup. 

Amount on die.
1=pass the cup and die to your left
4=one drink for the person on your left
5=one drink for the person on your right
6=one drink for yourself

You roll until you get a 1 on the die. If you get stuck with both cups, your penalty is to chug the rest of your beer. You must take your drinks as assigned immediately, whether you are rolling or not. 


Beer Game: Sixes
Simple game, high boot factor. 

Line up six cups; size unimportant. Get pitcher(s) of beer. And a single die. 

Everyone sits around and someone starts by rolling the dice (clockwise or counter, direction matters not). 

The number you roll corresponds to the number of the cup in the line. If it's empty, fill it as much as you want. If it contains beer, drink it all, and roll again. 

If you clear the table, chances are the party will become more enjoyable (at
least to you). 


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