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So you want to play a gig at Chris' Club ...


To get invited to play a set at Chris' Club, contact Brad by email at brada@chrisclub.com  Please include a link to a sample of your music (FYI, www.myspace.com provides free web accounts to bands in their music section), info on where else you've played, how many people you think will come to see you and anything else you think is important.

If you are invited to play at Chris' Club for one of our Friday or Saturday original rock nights...

  • Please show up between 8 & 9PM.

  • Shows start between 9 & 9:30PM depending on when the bands and the audience is ready.

  • Playing order is determined just prior to the show, unless advance arrangements have been made. Please don't assume that if you show up first you will play first (although this is likely).  Check in with our House Manager or Bar Tender before any load-in.

  • We have a small 14' x 7' stage and a 13' x 17' dance floor in front of it. 
    Packed capacity is probably 100 people.  We are a small club!

  • We provide a small house system including a 16 Channel Ramsa mixer ...
    accessible from the stage through our 16x4 snake.  Also, we are now offering 4 mics for your use (2 Shure SM58's, a Shure SM48 & an Avlex DV65 ... i.e. good stuff).  Our equipment includes a Behringer Feedback Destroyer Pro, a Microverb III, an Aphex Aural Exciter, a QSC Amp, Yamaha S115H main speakers & 2 Yamaha monitors. It is more than adequate to fill our small room with sound. We will help you use it. SEE SOUND SYSTEM in the rules section to the right!

  • You should minimally bring your own instruments and instrument amps & speakers. You're also welcome to bring your own mics, cables, stands.

  • The stage is right next to both of our front doors, so you can load in & out directly from your trucks.  We also have a back room you can use for pre-staging.  Your choice.

  • You should have 45 minutes to 60 minutes worth of ORIGINAL material for your set.  We discourage "covers."  If you are planning a cover, please let us know ahead of time so we can make sure they are allowed under one of our music performance licenses.  Also, if you want more or less time than this, please let us know when you are being booked.

  • Please remember you are NOT playing the Oakland Coliseum, you are playing a SMALL club.  If your amps have an "11", please don't use it.  Making your audience's ears bleed might be amusing, but it doesn't get you any extra credit from us.  And if the bartenders can't hear drink orders, we tend to get pissed off (for more information on pissing us off, refer to the section to the right).

  • Your band is expected to show up before the first set and to stay the entire night.  It makes for a better audience experience (ask about our "die for nothing!" night) and it's more fun to be playing to a fuller house.  Besides you don't get paid until the last band is done (See MONEY to the left).

  • Your band is expected to bring fans and followers through our door.  We expect each band to bring at least 5 to 10 friends &/or followers.  If you bring 20+ people, you're more likely to receive additional money at the end of the night as described to the left.  Bring less and you'll get less.  We'd also like your friends to stay for the whole show.  If you can, please let us know ahead of time how many people you think you'll be bringing.

  • LAST BUT MOST IMPORTANT: Attitude is what makes for a successful show and being invited back.  Vallejo has a crappy (read dangerous) and (mostly) undeserved reputation.  We're trying to promote Chris' Club as a fun & safe place to have a good time.  So far, so good.  If you show up enthusiastic and ready to kill the house ... oops, bad reference, how about ... ready to knock 'em dead ... damn, let's try again ... ready to slay them ... shit, this just isn't working!   OK, just show up ready to have a f*cking good time and come with a bunch of like-minded fans and we'll all be happy!

Rules & Terms

1) AGE: Chris' Club is a Bar (License Type 48).  We are governed by California's Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) rules.  One of these rules is that our customers & audience must be at least 21 years old.  Musicians must be at least 18 years old (ref. ABC Code 25663.5).  No exceptions! All band members and roadies will be carded.  No one under 18 will be allowed on the premises.  If you are a musician between 18 to 20 years old, be sure to stay within the designated stage or pre-staging areas of the club.

2) Sound System: Our house sound system is provided as a convenience. You may use our mics or your own mics and, in some cases, you can plug your instruments into our mixer all by way of the snake box at the  front of the stage.  If you like to swing, throw or otherwise abuse your microphone while performing, please BRING YOUR OWN MICROPHONE & CORD. DO NOT USE OURS ! Other than this, DO NOT MOVE or TOUCH ANY of our equipment or existing wiring and connections!  DO NOT plug your amps into our speakers !!  Even if you think you know what you're doing, Please ASK FOR HELP.  You will be held financially responsible for any damage to our equipment if you fail to follow this rule.

3) MOSHING: For our punk/metal bands, we do allow controlled moshing on our limited dance floor.  Moshers must NOT contact, damage or interfere with any tables, club equipment or non-moshers.  Moshing must be good-natured & fun! Moshing is at the moshers own risk. It is up to the Bands to keep  your fans informed of this and to keep the moshing under control.  We've been allowing this form of enjoyment, so far, because everyone has been respectful of this rule.

4) MONEY: Assuming you show up and perform your set, your band will be guaranteed "gas money" ($20 - $40 depending on how busy the bar gets).  If you are successful in bringing in a good number of fans to hear you & to drink, and if the bar does well, we are more than happy to kick back additional money, up to $100 per set.  This is solely at our discretion, but we are fair.  No payments will be made until the last band is done! See fans & attendance to the right.

5) DISCOUNTS: We don't offer discounts at the bar.  On a packed night it is simply too hard to keep track of all the band members.  However, if you show up before the show, we offer band members the employee discount (33%) on all food from the kitchen.  On Fridays & Saturdays we offer terrific Prime Rib dinners as well as Hot Wings and other typical bar food.

6) 86: LAST AND MOST IMPORTANT ... violating or ignoring any of the rules above may jeopardize our liquor license, cause us financial loss, get people hurt or most importantly, PISS US OFF!  Pissing us off will certainly result in not being invited back. It may also result in an unexpectedly shortened set, loss of your financial compensation and other consequences you'd rather not hear about.  So just follow these simple rules and we'll all be happy!


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